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After for years off - I have finally decided to return and end my final years in Goju Ryu ... Having spent over 40 years in Martial arts and mostly with Goju Ryu - Its time to resurface and bring back the qualities that I had before. 

Still teaching Zumba fitness and clocking 88000 steps a week getting over 180 ladies in shape is pretty much keeping me busy , but I am sure I can find a few hours and weekends to start getting involved again

Originally with Goju Kai under Peter Brandon Sensei , I left in 2000 to Join Ben Mare shihan now a 7th Dan in Seiwa Kai and also the Head of The JKF goju kai and Seiwa Kai in SA ..

Over the years I have produced some fine karate students that went on to be teachers and other excellent sports karate ka ..

Now I have decided no more teaching children only adults and no more Sport karate -- Both these elements that I have mention are taxing and the rewards were stressful .

Now I will teach selected adults and only teach traditional Goju Ryu for health and strength


peter klipfel  Shihan 6th Dan Seiwa Kai  Cape Townshihan Peter klipfel of seiwa kai Cape Town

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