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Core Muscle Training

What are Core Muscles ?

If you're following the trends in exercise and fitness, you've probably heard the phrase "core strength." Core strength refers to the muscles of your abs and back and their ability to support your spine and keep your body stable and balanced. Learn how to strengthen your core, reduce back pain and get strong abs.

Anatomical posture and support ---- The core is traditionally assumed to originate most full-body functional movement, including most sports. In addition, the core determines to a large part a person's posture. In all, the human anatomy is built to take force upon the bones and direct autonomic force, through various joints, in the desired direction. The core muscles align the spine, ribs, and pelvis of a person to resist a specific force, whether static or dynamic.

Static core function-----Static core functionality is the ability of one's core to align the skeleton to resist a force that does not change.

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By creating a firm and strong stomach, you will stabiles the spine so it acts like a solid foundation for sustaining a good body posture. Core exercise will also tone your torso and abs and keep your lower back healthy, by improving your posture.

 All movement in your body originates in your core. The core muscles of your body is your centre of gravity. Strong core muscles — abdominal, back and pelvis — provide support to your spine for everything from walking, lifting and standing to sitting. Strong core muscles are the foundation for sustaining health and fitness, however they are often neglected. Most people have weak core muscle, which are the cause of many injuries, poor posture and lower back pain and injury.

By helping you to function better and improving your posture, an effective core exercises program can help stave off painful and debilitating problems. The goal of core training is to work the area that supports your trunk and spine. Regardless your age or physical activity, it’s crucial to develop strong core muscles because they comes into play, just about every time you move any part of your body.

There are sound and valid anatomical reasons for doing core strengthening, which are easy to see, once you understand the relationship between the stomach muscles and the spine. A strong, stable core can make any sport, like tennis, running, swimming, golf and skating, easier. For example, if your spine acts as a powerful base for your legs, you will be able to put more power behind each movement of body with less effort.

If your core is strong, your lower AB muscles will be drawn in towards the spine and help you sit up straight. In essence, core training is an intelligent training structure, because it strengthens weak muscles and imbalances from the inside out.

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