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   Dance Fitness, toning and Weight Loss Classes Tableview

Dance is something everyone can do - Add to that lively Latin based and modern music and you have a Zumba class that will burn calories and get you looking good ..Try a FREE class and get hooked on Zumba. Each class is different , always challenging your fitness level, co - ordination and memory.. With each class you improve as you de stress and get ready to start your day with a fresh mind .

With  all  the classes for those interested we run a no cost weight loss program / challenge , whereby we motivate and supply healthy food tips and cooking ideas to assist you in reaching your desired weight and fitness goals 

The nice part about Zumba classes is that everyone can do them - You go at your own pace ...  There is no competition just a whole bunch of friendly people loving the routines ...

Dancing yourself into shape has never been more fun -- The 60 min is filled with smiles and a lot of “Glowing” as you shake rattle and roll ...

My class is geared to Fitness and not just dancing - My routines will make you work from your head down to your toes and back up ... 8000 movements and 800 calories later you are feeling revitalised and just ready for life

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Morning and evening classes are now in Tableview and Melkbosstrand  Cape Town ...  Call 0828762516 for a FREE intro class and start your Zumba journey and may it be a long fun filled healthy one

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