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For ages 18 - 80 years of age

 Health and Wellness with a well laid out eating plan with Tracy Williams

Are you finding it hard to stay healthy and keep in shape ? The two main reasons are

1.  Not doing the correct exercise for your body and age.                  2.  Not eating the right food at the right time

I am Tracy Williams , Dietician / Pilates and Fitness instructor situated in Melkbosstrand on the West Coast of Cape Town , however my clients are spread across the peninsular of the Western Cape . Call me on 0825631689 or email me at  ..... Let me help you get back on track to a healthy and active lifestyle ... Call today and start your new life

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Eating plans for a healthy life - call Tracy Williams
diet programs and fitness with Tracy in Melkbosstrand

The benefits of Eating Clean

Reasons to Clean Up Your Diet (Besides Weight Loss)

The side effects of a clean diet go far beyond the number on the scale
A healthy diet, containing omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals is a surefire way to get strong hair and nails that are worthy of all that time (and money) you spend getting mani-pedis and blowouts. Your hair and nails are made of protein, so be sure to include foods like fish, poultry, eggs, beans, and nuts to keep strands strong. Additionally, a diet rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables will provide vitamins C, E and biotin to help grow long locks and durable nails.

Have More energy
Do you ever feel like climbing under your desk for a nap by noon? Assuming you had a good night's sleep, your breakfast could be the culprit. Morning meals that lack proper amounts of protein can zap your energy. To kick start your energy, the first meal of the day should contain three important components: protein, whole grain carbs, and healthy fat. Like three legs of a stool, these nutrients support each other, and when combined, they support your energy reserves. Try crunchy almond butter on whole grain bread, or a bowl of cold cereal with skim milk and chopped nuts to help you feel plugged-in till lunch.

Health wise
Even if you feel great today, it's smart to take a closer look at some of the faulty habits that could predict your health later. If you have a tendency to throw foods into your cart without reading food labels...get cart smart. Highly processed foods often contain extra sodium, sugar, or fat that add unnecessary calories and additives, all of which have been linked to chronic conditions like heart disease, some cancers, and diabetes. By making sure half of your plate holds fruits and veggies, and by exploring the world of plant proteins like beans, soy, and nuts you'll aim to prevent disease instead of inviting it in.

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