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Melkbosstrand --  Zumba Morning and evening Classes for a all round workout

Classes are conducted so everyone can do them  - it is that easy  -

Dance fitness is one of the best ways to stay in shape.  Lose yourself in the Funky music from around the world and find yourself in shape in no time  .. In the 60 min you will do core and muscle strengthening , weight loss and stamina...   We have proven over and over that muscle mass grows and weight loss happens in a Zumba® class .. What nice about Zumba is that there is no RIGHT way ,as long as you are moving , laughing and sweating , you are bound to win with blasting those Calories into the dust .  Try and see for yourself

Music is the nectar of the Soul and add funky fun routines that are easy to follow and you have a winner ... Burn those calories and drop those KGs through Zumba fitness and weight loss right here in Melkbosstrand..The Venue is easy to get to and safe -- So call today and join the PARTY in Melkbos ---

Zumba fitness now spreading to the west coast town of Melkbosstrand and specifically the Melkbosstrand Country Club in Robben road ..

Join the fitness class with Peter KLIPFEL every Tuesday and Thursday

Morning at  8.45am  and Evening @ 7.30pm

Tone up - Get fit - Lose Weight - you name it ... Drop the workout and join the party

R300 per month for 8/9 classes a a month...

Melkbosstrand Country Club - Zumba classes
Zumba classes now in Melkbosstrand

Should you be interested in joining the classes and need more information  ---  Call Peter on 0828762516  or email me on this link  peter@zumba-fitness.co.za


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