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What are the benefits of a private class over a gym contract

Having only done my own private Zumba® Classes since 2010  and frequented a gyms only by invite from fellow Instructors to teach Zumba as a guest instructor .  I can safely say that the majority of my members numbering well over 150  are all either members that were gym members or people that dislike the gym atmosphere ..

I use private building for my classes --  they are open and are safe ..  Parking is good and so is the security

Members join my classes for the following reasons

1.  There is NO competition -  just pure FUN getting into Shape

2.  The atmosphere is friendly and has a family vibe

3.  There is NO FEAR element as I keep my routines simple and yet effective

4.  I take into consideration the age and fitness of the class and do routines accordingly

5.  Members join to lose weight and tone up  -- This we do via the routines and with the help of  health and eating programs that are FREE

6.  There are NO Contracts  --  Members stay as long as they like - many have been with me for over 5 years and still attending 7.

7.  Members look forward to the class and seeing there new friends

8.  Those in the weight loss group  have lost on average 10kg in 12 months  - some even more

9.   We offer  FREE  food guides and healthy living tips

10. Classes involve 500g weights  to tone up to routines suitable for all  ages

11.  My music selection is not dictated to what I must play -- Music selection spans from 1945 - 2019 .. We do it all 

12.  Cost per month  is far cheaper and you can do as many classes as you want

13.  Instructor is reliable and constant

14.  We support and motivate and follow up on our members

15.  We are not biased to a certain age group  -  we cater for all ages , shapes and sizes


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