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                    What is Zumba ?   - Can I do it  ?

My Zumba classes are for both male and female young and old... My classes are designed in that way so all can do it and get results - this I have proven over and over from members in the Monte Vista Zumba class as well as Parow Zumba - Tableview and Melkbosstrand zumba classes 

Never think that Zumba classes are for weakling  -- Time and time again I have seen those that THINK they are fit ,huff and puff and labour through my classes          ..  So if i am 64 and can teach and do 4 classes a day  - Then I am dead sure you will handle 2 hours a week if you are really fed up with your condition mentally and physically and you want to get your mojo back  ..

All it takes is will power and the classes will keep you coming back for more

Below are some samples and will give you a idea of what my class consist of  --  We will go through warmup then onto faster fitness routines and then in between the 16 songs are more melodic and slower songs to get you ready for the next onslaught and thrn finally onto the cooldown

Zumba warmup  -

Fitness routine -  FOGO -

Zumba Gold toning routine --

Ladies and Men can do Zumba in my classes   -- Tableview Cape town

My classes are in Melkbosstrand  -  Tableview  -  Parow and  Monte Vista

Call 0828762516 or email  Peter

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