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          What is Zumba all about ??

Apart from the 16,000,000 that already do Zumba classes around the world -- It is not that well known amongst the general public , even though it is on TV , Newspapers and Magazines and advertised on the Web and Facebook , twitter and the such.

Zumba Fitness is not Ballroom dancing , it is not aerobics ... It is a Latin inspired dance fitness program originated by Beto Perez back in 2000.  It is a fun system that everyone can do.. you have your motivated instructor up front showing you the movements and guiding you with hand and body movements that will have you coming back for more ...

Its a fitness program that works -- ask those that have toned up , lost weight and just got fitter and had mega FUN while doing it ... Forget your daily worries and stresses and join a FREE intro class .. Call Peter on 0828762516.

The best part is that everyone can do Zumba -- Its a place where you can de-stress and not feel out of sorts.. There is no cold gym atmosphere with all the peacocks around strutting there stuff .. Its just you and a whole bunch of relaxed friends in a FUN environment .



Zumba Fitness is a Latin-inspired cardio-dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere. While many of the types of dance and music featured in the program are Latin American inspired, classes can also contain everything from jazz to African beats to country to hip-hop and pop.

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