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What do my Cape  Town  Zumba classes offer  in 2019

One Thing I personally cannot stand is being the same as the rest ..  Yes I follow the Zumba rules , but when it comes to selection of music and routines and what I require as a goal makes me different

My music selection is vast ranging from 1940 to 2019  ..  The music must have a memorable beat and tunes .. I cannot bring myself to do a routine to music That my members or myself dislikes , just because it is the Flavour of the month

Each class is designed to suit all ages and fitness levels - that is the beauty of Zumba Fitness and toning

My routines will involve the following:::

1.   Weight loss and toning Class that will last 60min  maybe more but never less

2.   Core workout

3.   Legs , butt   --   all areas

4.   Stomach pelvic area  and hips

5.   Each class reaches over 8000+ movements  =  500 calories plus  

6.   Arms  --  weights are used during a class

7.   Floor workout --  planking and pilates exercises 

8.   Rock n Roll   to fitness  --  Full out  high speed taebo type exercise , but with my flavour .

9.   Strengthening  -  Endurance  -  Stamina   

10. FREE  health and meal tips to lose weight and tone up

11.  one on one training


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