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Commit to a Healthier lifestyle in 2013

Obesity , Stress , Alcohol and Drugs is the modern day curse of the world. Many Western Cultures and to some extent even the east have moved away from correct eating habit and have opted for the quick and unhealthy way to eat.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg of the generally unbalanced modern lifestyle that promotes a metabolism that is unregulated and unable to utilise food correctly. When this process starts people find themselves in the never ending vicious cycle of increasing weight  , often followed by many medical problems , such as sugar diabetes , high blood pressure and cholesterol - all this is related to a symptom called metabolic syndrome

The consequences are chronic illness due to a wrong lifestyle. Together with this comes enormous medical costs.

 How you treat your body today will effect how you will live your life in the future.

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Words of wisdom to live by

In spite of the recent news hype purporting to show benefits from moderate drinking, alcohol is a dangerous poison. In the US. it is the second most deadly drug, coming right after tobacco. An estimated 100,000 Americans die prematurely every year due to its use.



Cardiovascular Disease
heart disease and strokes cause nearly half of all deaths in America, and severely reduce the quality of life for many people. BothH diseases have the same underlying cause, which is atherosclerosis, a condition in which cholesterol, fat, and calcium harden, narrow, and eventually plug the arteries. This process takes many years and gives virtually no clues until the arteries have 50 to 80 percent blockage.

While there are some risk factors for cardiovascular disease that we can't change, such as age and sex, there are some that we can do something about. According to the Framingham Heart Study the six most important modifiable risk factors are high cholesterol, cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and physical inactivity.


Better health better body

Researchers state that the world is becoming more obese and this is due the the consuming of fast food that is so readily available and the food consumed from tines, filled with preservatives.


To a great extent, good health is a combination of consuming a sensible, balanced diet and getting plenty of physical activity on a regular basis. Maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle also requires knowledge, and the willingness to change behaviour. Understanding the how’s and whys of various food and physical activity topics will give you an appreciation for the wonderful machine that is your body and the things you can do to keep it in optimal condition.

This website will provide you with an overview of how to incorporate healthful habits into your daily routine. There are a lot of strategies for an active, healthy lifestyle – don’t try to do everything all at once! If you can turn one or two tips into a habit in a few weeks, then you are on the path to long-term behaviour change.

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