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Drop the gym

Everyone can do my classes, MEN and WOMEN regardless of fitness level or dance capabilities -                     Join my Zumba®class and see for yourself  - Call 0828762516 or email me                                                                                         

  • Weight loss Classes
  • Toning Classes
  • Weight training
  • Fitness Classes
  • Stamina Classes
  • Feel empowered by your fitness training – not held hostage by it
  • Heal your relationship with food and your body image
  • Take actionable steps toward the healthy lifestyle you envision for yourself instead of telling yourself you’ll do it “someday.”

For all Ages and Fitness Levels

Start your new healthy lifestyle today  -Train correctly and eat right and become the person you should be

You’ll discover how to move beyond tying your self-worth to a body fat percentage or number on the scale, you’ll get actionable steps to turn that inner voice into a kinder and gentler version of itself.

 The goal is to learn how to love yourself inside and out, so that you can feel positive about yourself now. Not someday

6 week weight loss challenge has just started - join the challenge FREE as part of the Zumba classes .Meal plans provided . Call 0828762516

My goal as a Zumba® instructor is simple: ---

I want you to work out, and enjoy working out, the fun way by doing the Zumba® fitness program .  Program is designed that all ages , shapes and fitness levels can do a zumba class and benefit   I want to motivate you to reach your personal goals and keep coming back for more.                                                                                                                                                                  I want you to reap the benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in a one exciting hour / 60 min. of calorie burning, awe inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life..


Tuesday & Thursday @ 6pm

St. Chads Church

Short street and Erica rd

Tableview / Morning Classes

Wednesday @ 7.45am  & Friday @ 8.30am

Home Studio

59 Erica Road Tableview


Tuesday & Thursday @ 7.30pm

Melkbos Country Club

Robben Road / See Map

Melkbossstrand / Morning class

Tuesday & Thursday @ 8.45am

Melkbos Country Club

Robben road 

Monte Vista

Monday & Wednesday @ 5.50pm

Grace Church

Corner Camoens Ave and Barrow road


Monday & Thursday @ 7.30pm

NG Kerk Oostersee

Cnr Frans Conradie and George Starke rd.

Milnerton bowling club

Monday and Wednesday @ 9.15 am

bowling club

Pienaars road


Every 2nd Friday

Farmers Field Retirement

Farmers Field Road

Staying in shape is a lifestyle - There are no quick fixes that will work in the long term .. Stay healthy in mind and body and join a fitness program that has a friendly environment and you are surround with people with the same goals.

Everyone wants to look good and it all starts with a positive mindset ... Now that winter is here and you tend to add on the kilos -  what better time then to dance it off and look great , for both yourself and others to see ..Thousands have done it and so can you.

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