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       Joining my Zumba classes  -- Just a phone call away

Lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape. We have a classes in PAROW - Melkbosstrand - Tableview - Monte Vista and the retirement village in Edgemead. Feel free to join in at any time of the month ..

Beginners Welcome  -                    Class is for males and Females

What is Zumba Dance Fitness ???? -- 

It is a latin based cardio dance fitness program that took the world by storm in 2000 and still going strong around the world - Popular as ever - Go here for a peak view of videos

Joining a Zumba class is dead easy . All you need is a water bottle + mask(Covid compliant) and motivation to get into shape..

Drop me a whatsapp / sms on 082 876 2516 or email me for more details

The 1st Class is FREE.. to try out

No Contracts , No judgement, No pressure

Whether you can dance or not is not important - what is important is the will power to do something about your stress , fitness and general well being .

All my classes are designed for both the beginner and the those that have been with me for years  ..

There is NO competition ,

No standard ,

No judgement  -  You join in and you go at your own speed ..  The beat of the music will keep you moving with low impact routines that will not injure you ...but will leave you with a smile and new friends ..

Zumba class times and venues near you
Group Fitness Classes with Zumba in Monte Vista