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Zumba classes in Cape Town

BEGINNERS WELCOME Morning and Evening Low impact dance Classes to suit you in Melkbos , Tableview , Monte Vista and Parow.        

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Why are Zumba classes still so popular in 2021?

Working out and staying in shape does not have to be a GRIND .. - There must be a fun element and good music and good friends with the same drive and enthusiasm around you  -- The music is the draw card Then comes the routines that I choose that everyone can do regardless of age or fitness level.. It is the beat and the nostalgia of the songs that my members love, as they go through 60min classes with a smile


CLASS  information

All my classes are taught by me personally to make sure the members get what they paid for .. Assisting me are the STRAY CATS team .. These are members that dance well and mix well with the other members - They will assist new members, making them feel at home and occasionally they will come forward and do a few routines, while I go amongst the members and encourage them on to better fitness

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