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     2024 - BODY FIT with  Zumba® GOLD Dance Fitness for the ACTIVE seniors.                                   Now in Monte Vista - Parow - Melkbosstrand and Tableview.                 

2024 Zumba Gold for seniors in Monte Vista, Parow , Melkbos and Tableview
2024  price and venues

What can Zumba GOLD do for you in 2024                                  

First of all there are many aspects as to why GOLD dance fitness is still popular after 20 years as a fitness craze ..

My classes are all private classes and NOT via gyms.  they are beginner friendly and there is NO contracts. You go as long as you want to.   Classes are found in Melkbosstrand, Parow, TableView and Monte Vista.    

Firstly exercise has to be fun and NOT a grind.   It is a great way to unwind after a stressful day. The music is the key - to the fun in the class.  With Zumba GOLD the Routines are easy to follow. There are judgements, or expectations - Just sheer fun. Email  and join  

              What I offer in my Studios in 2024

  • 60 min Classes ( 8000 steps & 400 cal per class)
  • Loyalty to my members
  • Beginner Friendly GOLD Zumba Classes
  • Morning and Evening classes
  • Private studios - Not Gyms
  • NO Contracts
  • Try a FREE class
  • Relaxed atmosphere with No competition - Go at your pace
  • Choice of one (R200) or two classes a week (R350)per month 
  • Weight loss plans and motivation
  • 40 years of experience in fitness and Weight loss as well as toning ..
  • Safe Venues and parking
  • Classes in Monte Vista, Parow, Melkbos and Table View
  • Core Strengthening, Endurance & Fitness
  • Fitness for all ages
  • Commitment to making every class enjoyable
  • Retro music - and routines that are easy and WORK
  • Stress Release  - your ME time and Happy place.  
  • Professionalism
  • ZumbaThons and Charity Events to Raise funds for those in Need
Dance fitness classes for the active adults in Monte Vista

Working out and staying in shape does not have to be a GRIND .. It must be FUN-

There must be a fun element and good music and good friends with the same drive and enthusiasm around you  -- The music is the draw card Then comes the routines that I choose that everyone can do regardless of age or fitness level.. It is the beat and the nostalgia of the songs that my members love, as they go through 60min classes with a smile.

Zumba Gold is exhilarating and refreshing - it will revitalize you and kick start or end your day with a smile -  it has the same elements and excitement as Zumba Fitness but lower impact - No twerking and No yelling  - It is classier

Changing your body and mind needs discipline - it all starts with you making a decision to change your old habits and become a new you mentally and physically ... Start Today ..

If you are not a gym person but love to do group exercise with like minded people, then , my private classes will be what you are looking for

Call 082 876 2516 and be the Change and be proud you made the turnaround

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