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                     Zumba GOLD classes for Beginners

Classes designed for beginners and interested people of all ages  ... 

Zumba GOLD gets you moving and smiling - It is addictive and your instructor Peter Klipfel will make sure you enjoy and benefit from every class      

Of all the Zumba® programs  GOLD still is the No1 in the world --  It is just so easy and yet it keeps you moving for 60 min with music from 1940 till 2019 .  Popular as it is Easy to do and it works - keeping you supple , fit and in a good mood

So if you don’t like the gyms or gung ho  outdoor fitness-  Zumba is the place to be ..  You will do  over 6000+ movements in 60min and come out of it with a smile , feeling refreshed and vitalized for the day  ... Try it - you will love Zumba

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